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 African Self-Help Assistance Programme is a Mutare based local NGO registered as a private voluntary organisation with the Government of Zimbabwe (GoZ) (Registration # PVO: 37/05). ASAP started operating in Manicaland Province in 1994 under a technical cooperation agreement with GoZ. With a full time staff compliment of 8 and over 100 community based volunteers in the districts where we work, ASAP has a specific purpose to strengthen communities through gender sensitive capacity development, peace building, conflict management, conflict transformation, social accountability, sustainable livelihoods and human rights and democracy programmes. ASAP has successfully managed to uniquely intertwine our peace building, conflict transformation and human rights and democracy programme with our livelihoods programmes that include economic empowerment, education improvement and health and nutrition initiatives. We work with vulnerable groups including women, youth, children as well as people with disabilities.

All ASAP policies, programmes and projects are designed to save lives, fight poverty, protect livelihoods, and promote social accountability and constitutionalism for lasting peace, tolerance and sustainable socio-economic development in Zimbabwe. This is ASAP contribution to promoting a culture of respect for human rights, democracy, people’s freedoms and liberties as well as citizen participation in their own governance.

ASAP provides pro poor development-focused peace building, democracy, human rights, capacity development and sustainable livelihoods interventions to promote and protect constitutionalism, promote peace and tolerance, empower local communities and fend off the “dependency syndrome”. In its programmes, ASAP also promotes inclusive stakeholder involvement at all levels of the project cycle. The ASAP programme model also ensures mainstreaming of contemporary cross-cutting issues such as HIV/AIDS awareness, child protection, psycho–social support, sexual and reproductive health and nutrition.

For sustainability, ASAP supports the establishment of strong community structures such as Citizen Advocacy Groups (CAGs), Internal Saving and Lending Groups (ISALs) as well as Self Help Groups (SHGs) by engaging with grassroots community leaders, training committees on community dynamics and promoting a well-defined local volunteer management system through community level advocacy group.

ASAP works closely with programme stakeholders and maintains good communication with local and national government. Among other boundary partners, ASAP works with Members of Parliament, Councillors, and Government Line Ministries such as the Ministry of Women Affairs, Rural District Councils, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth, the National AIDS Council, and the Ministry of Small to Medium Enterprises and AGRITEX.

ASAP projects have been implemented in Nyanga, Mutasa, Mutare, Chimanimani and Chipinge Districts in Manicaland Province of Zimbabwe.
As one effective tool for youth mobilisation in our livelihoods, human rights and democracy work, ASAP organises episodic football tournaments for youths in the project areas such as Mutasa District. The soccer tournaments attract youth teams from across various wards in the Districts. This is ASAP contribution to productive youth engagement for social change.


Better light a candle than curse the darkness! ASAP - Development that works!!

Promoting and building lasting peace and tolerance for sustainable development amongst the youth through sport and dialogue. In favour of policies and programmes that save lives, fight poverty, protect livelihoods and promote economic growth. This is ASAP contribution to promoting peace, tolerance, resilience and constitutionalism. Sport is played according to rules that must be obeyed and respected by all.ASAP presented ten new soccer balls to the organisers of a football tournament for youths. The soccer tournament, being organised in Sakubva, Mutare has attracted youth teams from Harare, Chipinge, Mutasa and Mutare. This is ASAP contribution to productive youth engagement for social change.



For over five years (many more for some sections), the residents of Dangamvura and Chikanga high density locations in Mutare, Zimbabwe have endured life without reliable clean and safe running water in their homes. In the picture the ASAP Zimbabwe Country Director tests one of a few boreholes from which over 20,000 residents must draw water for household use. The need to sink more boreholes at strategic locations in Chikanga/Dangamvura to augment what the municipality is able to provide is self evident




The Mutasa Community at Sekwi Rural Resource Centre has benefitted from a donation of an assortment of furniture, computers, garden tools, building tools, stationery, sewing machines and bicycles, inter alia kindly consigned in a container to ASAP by NhakasVenner and Seniors without Borders in Denmark. The centre also has wifi and will be instrumental in transforming lives in Mutasa through skills training and income generating projects.





Sweet Success!

Kureya Dyakonda
Kureya Dyakonda

"I was tired of being poor" explains Kureya Dyakonda. That's why she joined ASAP's Kufusa Mari Village Savings & Lending project in the Mutasa area of Eastern Zimbabwe. She had no idea how to make money - and was not sure how to even start. She decided, when it was her turn to borrow the savings fund, to buy a large bag of lolipops and sell them one at a time. From that day her profits started to add up.

Pictured here, Kureya is proud to display HER new household goods at a field day at St. Barbara's Secondary School - a new sewing machine, plates and cups for the entire family and more. "I want all the women living in my village to see that, just like me, they can choose sweet success over bitter poverty.



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